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A Modern Electrician in Hamilton

It is no secret that the world is moving away from traditional technologies and embracing newer ones. As experienced and licensed electricians in Hamilton, we are perfectly poised to help you embrace newer, greener technologies and to reduce your carbon footprint. While much of our projects are traditional and involve wiring for new homes or renovations, more and more we are installing wiring for green technologies and the path forward is clear.

Charge Your Tesla or Other Electric Vehicle in Half the Time

Generally, most people who drive a Tesla charge their car at home. While this is often possible with a standard electrical outlet, a dedicated 240-volt outlet, quite similar to one for an oven or clothes dryer, has the potential to not only cut your car’s charging in half but also extend its range.Installing such an outlet is a great idea, but it is more complicated than installing a ceiling fan and requires an electrician. Call us to book an appointment for installing a dedicated 240-volt household electrical circuit.

We Upgrade Knob-and-Tube Wiring & Electric Panels

Traditional wiring concerns will no doubt be around for the foreseeable future and safety will always be paramount. Hamilton is an older city, so there is still some Knob-and-tube wiring (K&T) to be upgraded. As electrical contractors in Hamilton, we have the experience to upgrade your older wiring and prepare your home or office for your future electrical needs.

As our electricity demands continue to increase, so does our need for greater electrical service. While 60-amp service used to be standard for homes in Hamilton, that isn’t adequate anymore. What is mainstream electrical service now will likely not be sufficient in the future. So those panel boxes we all upgraded not that long ago? Get ready to do it all over again in the not-so-distant future.

Electricity demands are going to continue to change and increase as we switch to electric vehicles, rely more upon solar panels on our roofs and add security by opting to add electric generators to our home’s power supply. As experienced electricians with decades of experience, we are proud of our history of wiring service and confident that we will continue to be able to supply your wiring services in the future.

Is Electric Heating Right for Your Home?

Heating our homes using electricity was something that our parents and grandparents would fear because of the cost. However, with clean, renewable technology seemingly on our doorsteps, heating our homes with electricity doesn’t seem like a stretch of our imagination at all. Electricity in Ontario is clean, reliable, and becoming more affordable in terms of fossil fuels. So even something such as using electricity to heat our homes is becoming more common.

As electricians in Hamilton we can help you determine if converting to electric heating is the right choice to keep your family comfortable throughout a Golden Horseshoe winter.

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